Inner Coach

Create a Life and Business You Love Through Inner Transformation


Inner Coach offers a revolutionary "inner coaching" approach that goes well beyond the traditional coaching approach. You'll achieve dramatic life-changing results by learning some of the most effective healing and deep transformation methods currently available.


Our curriculum includes cutting-edge brain science, superconscious healing, and creation technologies.
  • Learn Advanced Coaching and Healing Techniques To Help Yourself (And Other People) Clear Inner Blocks To Results

  • Discover How To Become a Highly Effective, Sought-After & Prosperous Coach

  • Lead Individuals and Groups through Extraordinary Transformation

Experience Deep Transformation

Inner Coach supports you in creating whatever you would like in life - business, relationships, health, and inner peace, by helping you overcome the limitations within.

Think about this for a moment...
  • Is there something important you want to have in life (business success or financial abundance... a satisfying relationship... vibrant health and a body that feels great.... inner peace) but you haven't been able to get?
  • Are painful emotions from the past holding you back in the present?
  • Do you get triggered by situations in life, and you can't stop yourself?
  • Do you have painful emotions (such as anxiety, loneliness, inadequacy) or limiting beliefs (not safe, not loved, not enough) that hold you back in life?
  • Do you have habits that are hard to break... or have difficulty creating the good habits you want?
  • Has accomplishing your business and money goals been an ongoing challenge?

Unlike conventional coaching, Inner Coach provides powerful training and tools to help you work with deepest level issues and challenges that stop you from accomplishing the results you want -- the resistance, blocks, procrastination, limiting beliefs, core wounds. Rather than avoid the inner obstacles, you learn to skillfully work with them to create the life and business you desire.

Become A Masterful Coach, Healer or Practitioner

If you're a coach, healer or other practitioner, you may have noticed that many of your clients get blocked or stuck, and thus they don't get the results they want. It's frustrating for them and for you.

Inner Coach provides the tools for you to get to the root cause of the blocks -- and transform them quickly, powerfully and permanently

Find Your Community

Build an incredible network of like-minded individuals who are committed to your personal and professional growth.


The safe and supportive community container makes massive growth possible.

Success Stories

When our clients share about their experience at Inner Coach, there's a common thread: Results.
Very often, life-changing results.

“Absolutely Phenomenal”


Patrick’s healing workshop was one of the most amazing experiences that I’ve had here in Mindvalley. It was just a transformational experience, tears were streaming down my face.


It just felt like a massive shift was taking place. never felt so supported in my entire life, I am so grateful. Thank you Patrick!


“I Had a Huge Breakthrough with Money”


After working with Patrick, I lost 30 in shape... healed my relationship with my father... and got breakthroughs with my clients…
But I actually came to have a breakthrough with money, and that happened! I’m financially better off than I have been in a decade. I’m feeling more purpose driven, and more in enjoyment of life than in 10 years. It was a fantastic experience, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Scott Bowman

“Released Anxiety About Relationships… Feeling Free”


We did a session to transform a challenge around my relationships. He tracked down the exact issue I’m facing… then he guided me into this exercise where I transformed the past cause of my relationships today.


I found this technique very, very effective. He made the process easy. By the time he was finished, I had zero anxiety and I felt a lot of freedom. Highly recommended.


Benefits Of Inner Coach Training

Learn the most cutting edge and revolutionary techniques to transform lives quickly, powerfully, and permanently.


Make a profound difference in people's lives and your own.

Many people pick a profession with the outcome of helping people only to find they can’t help people in the way they wish to. Our Inner Coach training teaches you a method where you can make a profound difference not only to your client’s lives but also to your own.



You don't need any coaching training or experience to benefit from the course.

You only need passion and a vocation to learn the required skills that we teach you. You don’t need any prior therapy training. You may think this training is not for you because you’re not an existing therapist, but 50% of our graduates had no prior therapy experience or training — just excellent people skills and a desire to help. Our graduates with no prior therapy experience are doing phenomenally well.



Flexibility in your work hours and location.

You choose your own hours, you are your own boss, there's no commute, you can practise one or two days a week, or you can work from home and online. You work hours around your family, your children, your partner and your lives.


Inner Coach is created with the focus on enabling you to be a better coach by using the power of quality education, a contributing community and a place you can call your school for personal and professional growth.
This is the training ground for extraordinary coaches like YOU!

Why Choose Inner Coach?


  • Inner Coach is a pioneering transformational and healing system based on neuroscience, that offers fast, effective results by combining the most beneficial principles of Superconscious Healing, NLP, CBT, and cutting edge somatic healing techniques.

  • Inner Coach delivers extraordinary, permanent change from physical, emotional and psychological pain by reframing our core beliefs, values, habits and emotions that are deep in the subconscious.

  • By rapidly rewiring the neural pathways of the brain, Inner Coach replaces our out-dated belief systems and negative patterns of behaviour. New life-affirming beliefs are formed and the healing process begins.

What Industry Experts Are Saying

We've worked with many leaders of the coaching and transformation industry to create change for them - and their audiences

“One of the most profound forms of healing I’ve experienced!”


I came to Patrick to work on the part of me that believes that I have to work harder and produce more in order for people to value me and love me.


Even if you’ve done a lot of work already, this work really gets to the root cause. I highly encourage you to do it. It’s amazing!

Sage Lavine


“I closed 50% at my last event, thanks to this transformation!”


At the event, my offer wasn’t different — it was all about my energy being more confident, and I’ll chalk that up to working with Patrick.
What’s affecting you in business is not business strategy, but the way that you’re showing up energetically...

This is a tremendous deep opportunity for you to do core level work, and clear out something very effectively and efficiently.

Pamela Bruner


Bill Baren